YO Cannabis Comedy Game for Adults | Includes Board, 24 Scenario Cards | Yo Festival Productions LLC




The Yo Cannabis Comedy Game is the fun way to socialize and connect about one of your favorite pastimes. Invite your friends for a sesh and most of all, get ready to laugh! 

  • WARNING: This game does not contain any marijuana. We’d go broke throwing 5 on it!
  • THE IDEA: Dealer deals out eight off-the-wall answer cards on the board, then reads one question/scenario card. Players who choose the same ridiculous, bad-ass answer win the round! Player(s) with the most rounds win. Do each round in 4 minutes and 20 seconds. But who’s counting?

  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX: A 13.5” game board, 24 scenario cards, 120 answer cards, Yo Cannabis Comedy Game Rules, and a Yo Cannabis Comedy Glossary.